about us

For over 40 years, Herzing College in Winnipeg has been recognized as a leader in high quality, credible training for market-driven programs in Healthcare, Business, and Technology, and now we are excited to welcome Bev Edmondson, Brad James, and Tim Salzen, formerly of the Academy of Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), to the Herzing College faculty team.


We are proud of our most recent survey (January 2013) in which 99% of students responded that they would recommend Herzing to a friend. Our graduates' positive experiences at Herzing College and their high employment success rate have been instrumental in maintaining our reputation with industry and future students.


Immediate employability: Our campus works closely with top local and regional employers to ensure that Herzing programs encompass the skills and knowledge needed for our students to succeed at the next level. Our career development department provides students with the training and employment resources they need to successfully find employment.


Convenient scheduling: Our students are our top priority, and every decision we make stems from that commitment. We offer day, part-day and evening classes to allow our students the flexibility to reach their higher education goals.


Our Commitment to help: We at Herzing are committed to assisting students who are often balancing work and family commitments with their studies while they strive to improve their lives through education.